Health and wellness teas

Health and wellness teas

In addition to their exquisite flavours, our organic teas are designed to improve your health and well-being on a daily basis.

The "health" teas have one or more benefits: cholesterol balance, circulation or joint care, digestive aid, etc. These organic teas are presented in bags for precise dosage and for greater convenience so that you can enjoy them at any time.

The "wellness" teas will soon be your best friends in your daily life: boost, antioxidant, memory, sport and others.

We have chosen to present these organic teas in bags so you can measure the right amount of tea corresponding to the daily needs of the body. The majority of the bags are made of PLA, which is a vegetable material (corn starch) that can be composted in an industrial compost heap. For 5 varieties (Hao Ling, Lyn Don, Yelong, Chun Cha and Sou Tsian), the bags are made of non-chlorine bleached paper, without staples or labels, and are compostable at home.

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Zou Cha
Green tea with turmeric and meadowswe...
Qinerji before sport
An energy boost for successful workou...
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Hao Ling
Pu-erh tea helps regulate cholesterol
Chun Cha
Grand cru green tea rich in antioxidants
Green tea with red vine, elder and gi...
Purifying green tea with star anise a...
Qi Cha
White tea helps strengthen your natur...
Green tea with jasmine, ginkgo biloba...
Sou Tsian
Oolong tea with draining and detoxify...
Lyn Don
Oolong tea with guava helps maintain ...
Oolong tea with ginseng restores vita...
Spiced "boost" tea with ginger, cinna...
Ling Shu
Oolong “Zen” tea with saffron to rest...
Rooibos with Hops, hawthorn, and Bitt...
Green, Mate & Guarana tea to aid weig...
Organic green tea for healthy skin
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Herbal tea with organic Rooibos to he...