100% organic products

Our 100% organic teas

Our teas are all certified organic. It is sometimes easy to forget that tea leaves are never washed. By choosing organic tea, you can be sure that there are no pesticides in your cup.

Our 100% organic tea bags

Our pyramid tea bags are made of cellulose or corn starch, a vegetable material, and are therefore entirely biodegradable and compostable.
Our bags (18 or 30 bags) are made of cellulose, a material made from wood pulp, which is also compostable.
Our flat tea bags are made of unbleached paper, without staples or labels, and are fully compostable.
Our freshness bags (4 or 5 tea bags) are made of paper.
Our cardboard boxes are also recyclable.

Our distribution network is like us.

We have chosen to be distributed by partners who share our values. We are listed in more than 2000 organic and health food shops in France, on the web, by mail order and in other countries such as Spain (El Corte Ingles), Belgium (Rob), and Switzerland (Caviar House and Prunier)