Our Story

The heritage of the great tea masters

The creation of Les Thés de la Pagode® is a story in itself... It all began with a meeting in the farthest reaches of China, in the Yunnan region, with one of the last great tea masters. Every day, the master taught the art of tea in all its stages of preparation, from the leaf to the cup. Day after day, he introduced his students to new flavours during the tea ceremony which took place in a small pagoda, far from the hustle and bustle..

Notre histoire

Everything around the great master and his students was harmony and serenity. Time stood still, the mist rose from the mountains, the tasting continued in silence, those assembled opening their minds to the world around them. Then, as night began to fall, the master's voice rose and told the story of the Legendary Vintages.

A journey to the edge of China... in the tea gardens

The tea master has devoted his entire life to the discovery of ancestral tea gardens. He has travelled thousands of kilometres through the great tea regions, crossed the most remote areas and climbed the steepest mountain passes... During these journeys, he discovered all the varieties of tea: the great Wulong teas of the Fujian and Guangxi regions, the green teas of Zhejiang and the silver buds of the white teas of Fujian... He travelled through China to the farthest reaches of Xishuangbanna, nicknamed the "Six Mountains of Tea", marvelled at the tea gardens perched at the foot of the Himalayas, and travelled through Nepal, Korea and Japan to discover the finest Asian vintages...

At the end of his journey, rich with a perfect knowledge of the great teas of Asia, he founded Les Thés de la Pagode® with French tea enthusiasts. Les Thés de la Pagode® are happy to be able to perpetuate the tradition of the great Asian tea masters, and to allow everyone to discover the flavours and numerous virtues of this ancient drink.

Notre histoire un voyage aux confins de la chine